Roshan Dilli - A Campaign To Light Up Public Spaces In Delhi And Make The City Safer For Women
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India Fights Coronavirus: Musicians Sing From Their Balconies To Cheer People Up During The Lockdown Period

India Fights Coronavirus: Musicians Sing From Their Balconies To Cheer People Up During The Lockdown Period

Italians across the world started the global trend of singing opera, love and patriotic songs from their balconies while families were stuck at home in quarantine. The concept has picked up in India as well. Music connects us with nature and it is definitely a healer in times of so much uncertainty. Moreover, just like Italians, Indians too are quite musical.

A balcony concert in a condominium in Gurgaon has been a great way for a community to bond over music. A professional in the corporate world, Vishal is using his love for music to entertain others during the lockdown. His singing helps raise his spirits and is enjoyed by many during this balcony concert in Gurugram a suburb near Delhi. Vishal Malik, Director and Administration, McKinsey & Company, India shared with us,

Music binds people and in tough times like this, I tried to sing. Last week went I went live on Face book for the 1st time and had over 200 watching. It is a light moment for my neighbours and the community.

For Vishal, music has been his passion.

For personal reasons, I started working in the corporate sector but am pursuing my passion and feel in a situation like this, I can sing anytime, added Malik. 

A weekly feature now, many for the area enjoy the music.

"When we are locked down and in our homes, this concert is extremely helpful..We spend time listening as a family," said Mansi Kochar, Legal Head, SABIC (India Sub-Continent)

The Mother-Son duo, Sunita and Ronojit Bhuyan started with a balcony concert on the 22nd March to pay tribute to the corona warriors. But now they are continuing to create music and staying connected with their listeners virtually. 

Sunita Bhuyan, Musician said,

Sound waves of music travel throughout the atmosphere and have an impact on all human being and living things and it is scientific. In fact that's the beauty of music. We really wanted to get people together and the best way to reach out is through home concerts online. Thanks to the digital; platform that has been able to get our music across to so many people I think it has been a blessing that I got lockdown with my son.

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About The Campaign

NDTV in partnership with UBER is launching a sustained campaign 'Roshan Dilli'  to try and raise safety standards in India's capital, New Delhi.

Our focus is to try and improve lighting in public spaces in the city. Lighting is a key factor in shaping women's perceptions of safety

The initiative will provide a platform for all stakeholders to discuss our goal of improving safety standards, to start a conversation about safety of women in the country

It will also highlight various interventions and solutions that help to make women safe and put the spotlight on what more can be done.

The campaign will accentuate the need for Safety to be a shared responsibility

The need for gender sensitization and how law enforcement and civil society through checks and education can try and make women safer

We hope you will join us and help make New Delhi a safer city for women.

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