Roshan Dilli - A Campaign To Light Up Public Spaces In Delhi And Make The City Safer For Women
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  • Pilot Transforming The Lives of Many And Giving Wings To The Underprivileged

Pilot Transforming The Lives of Many And Giving Wings To The Underprivileged

Pilot Transforming The Lives of Many And Giving Wings To The Underprivileged

As we try and raise the safety standards of the national capital with the Uber NDTV Roshan Dilli campaign, we're also showcasing the people and organisations who are working hard to help empower women throughout the nation. Asia's first woman commercial pilot and founder of non-profit organisations Indha Craft and Literacy India, Captain Indraani Singh is on a mission to educate children and empower women. Captain Indraani Singh, whose NGO Literacy India also runs workshops specifically designed to empower women, told NDTV,

Being a pilot I had never planned to venture into the social sector which is highly disorganized compared to flying, so I had to work very hard by keeping the sense of urgency in all our projects and my team understand this.

Captain Singh says that her new initiative focuses on ensuring that women benefit from the 3 Es -  Education, Empowerment, and Employability. With the 3Es in her mind, she has dedicated her life to providing rural women with skills that they can use to earn a living.


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38-year-old Parvesh, who did two courses in tailoring and has now been stitching for over 10 years, thanks to Captain Singh. Parvesh shared with NDTV,

I was not allowed to step out of my house but once my husband saw the scope in tailoring, there has been no looking back and with our joint earnings, we can provide better facilities for our children.

Shanti developed an interest in block printing as she told NDTV,

I enjoy making different patterns and with the money I earn I feel independent and am living a better life.

The courses offered by Captain Singh's Literacy India are not just about skills but are also about teaching moral values.

With different vocations, they won't starve, they will do something! Their aspirations and dreams will take them to whatever they want to achieve.

Even though Captain Indraani Singh has been flying for over 30 years, she says that now she has a bigger mission of ‘greater good' in life. 

What started with only 5 students operating out of a construction site in Gurugram in 1996 has expanded to 13 states and reaches out over 65,000 beneficiaries today. All this has been made possible by one person's dream, along with her a dedicated and hardworking team!

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About The Campaign

NDTV in partnership with UBER is launching a sustained campaign 'Roshan Dilli'  to try and raise safety standards in India's capital, New Delhi.

Our focus is to try and improve lighting in public spaces in the city. Lighting is a key factor in shaping women's perceptions of safety

The initiative will provide a platform for all stakeholders to discuss our goal of improving safety standards, to start a conversation about safety of women in the country

It will also highlight various interventions and solutions that help to make women safe and put the spotlight on what more can be done.

The campaign will accentuate the need for Safety to be a shared responsibility

The need for gender sensitization and how law enforcement and civil society through checks and education can try and make women safer

We hope you will join us and help make New Delhi a safer city for women.

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