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Swades Building Livelihoods Telethon: Helping Over 15,000 Needy Households In Maharashtra

NDTV in collaboration with Swades India, a non-profit organisation has initiated a drive #SwadesBuildingLivelihoods to raise funds to build livelihoods of more than 15,000 needy households in rural Raigad and Nashik districts of Maharashtra. The aim of the initiative is to create self-sustaining communities as their capacities are built, inputs and market linkages strengthened to ensure that every household earns at least Rs. 2,00,000 per annum.


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Aug 23, 2020
20:49 (IST)
R Vimla, CEO, Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission (MSRLM) on the telethon:

Swades is very similar to us. We believe that the community should take care of itself. and we ultimately exit from it. With this partnership we will be able to reach out to more than 2 lakh household. With Swades I believe we are not ek aur ek - do (two), but ek aur ek - gyarah (11).

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  • Suresh Prabhu
    Mahatma Gandhi has said that India lives in its villages. So if you develop villages, India will get developed.Suresh PrabhuFormer Minister of Commerce & Industry
  • Ronnie Screwvala
    Creating self-sustaining communities require a 360-degree approach, we have to take water, sanitation, livelihood, all aspects together and bring a change in the community. Ronnie ScrewvalaCo-Founder, Swades Foundation
  • Zarina Screwvala
    What we always wanted to do and since last 20 years we have been working on is to create a model in rural economy that can lift people from poverty.Zarina ScrewvalaCo-Founder, Swades Foundation
  • Amitabh Kant
    More than ever, we need to work towards building self-sustained livelihoods and driving the rural economy. The rural economy has already emerged as a powerful driver, which is leading our economic recovery.Amitabh KantCEO, NITI Aayog
  • Vikas Khanna
    I think we will have to have a leadership which is more creative in creating jobs again. We have to reboot the cycle. We need a certain leadership, the people in their fields too, more than ever, should come out and create job opportunities.Vikas KhannaChef, Restaurateur, Cookbook Writer & Humanitarian

About The Campaign

About The Campaign

#SwadesBuildingLivelihoods campaign is raising funds to build livelihoods of 15,000+ most needy households (tribal, migrant/daily-wage homes and others, poorest of poor families) in rural Raigad and Nashik districts of Maharashtra.

Our aim is to create self-sustaining communities as we build their capacities, strengthen inputs and market linkages ensuring that every household earns at least Rs 2,00,000 per annum through a basket of programs - be it farm based, off-farm or non-farm interventions.

In our farm based intervention we build check dams and harvest rain water to irrigate land enabling farmers do a second crop and for some even a third crop augmenting their farm based income by 4 to 5 times. We have so far irrigated over 2,500 acres of land and most of it through drip irrigation.

With our off-farm interventions we engage households in poultry, goat rearing, dairy or fishery augmenting their income by Rs 25,000 to 80,000 per annum. We provide input support, training and continuous handholding and so far have created over 13,000 entrepreneurs.

Through our non-farm intervention, i.e., skills training for youth, we ensure that the youth are imparted with the right skills to enable them find employment or are self-employed. We have placed over 2,600 youth in employment with an average annual earnings of Rs 1,00,000 resulting in more than doubling of their family income in most cases.

The current pandemic and associated slowdown has impacted livelihoods and resulted in inflow of over 90,000 people back to their villages in Raigad. Further, cyclone Nisarga left loss of property and livelihoods. The situation continues to be a double whammy for both residents and the reverse migrated families.

Whilst as a first response, we have supported immediate relief with medical aid and grocery/daily essentials, the parallel need now is for recovery, to overcome loss sustained and build their livelihoods.

About The Partner

About The Partner

Founded by Ronnie and Zarina Screwvala, the Swades Foundation operates with a single-minded focus of empowering one million rural Indians every 5 to 6 years.

Our USP is a 360° intervention inside-out model of development, with a multiplier effect.

Our holistic approach covers all aspects of individual and community development through 4 key verticals – Health and Nutrition, Education, Water and Sanitation and Economic Development.

Our strength is our ~1,300 strong team comprising 1000+ community volunteers and 270 full time staff (FTE specialists and professionals); 90% FTE work at the grassroots, making us a strong execution foundation.

Money Raised Will Be Used For


Every rupee you donate in this campaign will be matched by a corporate donor partner and the Swades Foundation ensuring tripling of impact. The money raised will be used to engage a needy household into an income generation activity.

It begins with the selection of the right beneficiary - a ~150 member strong field team along with the Village Development Committees that we have created at hamlet level helps us reach out to the right and needy beneficiaries. Post identification, every beneficiary undergoes a rigorous training and certification process before they are engaged in a livelihood initiative. We also ensure a small contribution (<15% of the cost) is collected from the beneficiary to ensure their commitment and dedication. This contribution is further subsidized for the tribal communities, poorest of the poor and women headed households.

We continuously monitor and handhold the beneficiary, provide technical training, financial literacy training, exposure visits etc. to ensure successful outcomes of our interventions.

How will your contribution help?

₹4,000: Will help us engage a household in Poultry or Fishery and augment their annual income by Rs 25,000 to 35,000

₹7,000: Will help us skill a youth or engage a household in goat rearing or dairy, augmenting their income by Rs 40,000 to 80,000

₹14,000: Will help us bring one acre of land under drip irrigation helping farmers, augmenting their income by Rs 60,000 to 80,000

Every rupee you donate in this campaign will be matched by a corporate donor partner and the Swades Foundation ensuring a tripling of impact.

Disclaimer*: NDTV is the broadcast partner for a 2-hour telethon with Swades Foundation as the implementation partner and  Give India as the NGO partner to raise donations to build livelihoods of 15,000+ most needy households (tribal, migrant/daily-wage homes and others, poorest of poor families) in rural Raigad and Nashik districts of Maharashtra. The donations will be received by Swades Foundation and shall be utilized according to a plan prepared and monitored by them.  

NDTV has no role to play in the use of donations and will not be liable for any claim(s) made by any person or entity, including any statutory or governmental authority, arising out of the collection or utilization of these donations.