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Age And Blurry Vision Fail To Stop 98-Year-Old From Punjab From Stitching Mask For People In Need

Age And Blurry Vision Fail To Stop 98-Year-Old From Punjab From Stitching Mask For People In Need


  1. 98-year-old Gurdev Kaur Dhaliwal from Punjabs Moga is stitching masks
  2. Ms Kaur is distributing face masks for free to help people fight COVID-19
  3. Ms Kaur takes help of a walker and has blurry vision in one eye
New Delhi: 

The novel coronavirus which has been titled as a pandemic causing COVID-19 has brought lives to a standstill. But if we look at the bright side of it, the infectious disease has given the world ‘corona warriors' who are pushing boundaries to help the people in need and reinstate the message of kindness and generosity. One such corona warrior is 98-year-old Gurdev Kaur Dhaliwal from Punjab's Moga district who is stitching masks for the people in need.

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Ms Kaur starts her day early with prayers and then for hours she sits at an old sewing machine, stitching masks for the people who can't afford to buy one and protect themselves from the novel coronavirus. Without worrying about her health, Ms Kaur sews for eight hours – from 8 am to 4 pm.

With her brave spirit, 98-year-old Ms Kaur who takes the help of a walker and has blurry vision in one eye has proven that age is just a number and nothing can stop her from helping others in these unprecedented times.

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Talking about what motivated the nonagenarian to stitch masks, Amarjit Kaur, her daughter-in-law told PTI,

Several vegetable sellers in our area were not wearing masks. We told them to wear it to protect themselves from coronavirus but they said they could not afford it. Then we decided to stitch masks and give it to them free of cost.

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh also lauded the efforts of Ms Kaur and gave her the title of ‘strongest corona warrior of Punjab'. Giving her a shoutout on Twitter, the Chief Minister wrote, “The strongest Corona Warrior of Punjab is 98-year-old Gurdev Kaur from Moga who with her family is stitching masks for Punjab. Such selfless dedication of Punjabis is proof of how strong we are & that we will overcome any challenge which comes our way.”

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Motivated by Ms Kaur's determination to help the people, Ms Kaur's neighbours have started coming forward to support her and some are even contributing by providing cloth to stitch face masks.

According to the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, using a face mask is one of the easiest ways to protect oneself from contracting the novel coronavirus.

On April 9, the Chief Minister of Punjab mandated the use of face masks in public places. Announcing the same on Facebook, the Chief Minister wrote, “Masks are compulsory in Punjab now. Health Secretary is issuing a detailed advisory for the people. Just remember to wear mask when you step out of home for any emergency/essentials. A piece of clean cloth is all you need. Let's all stay safe and fight #Covid_19 together.”

As on April 24 (8 AM), 277 patients in Punjab have tested positive for COVID-19. While 196 cases are still active, 65 patients have recovered and 16 causalities have been recorded.

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