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About The Campaign

About The Campaign

Cyclone Amphan has torn through West Bengal. Many parts of the state, including the city of joy, have been devastated. Lakhs of homes have been damaged. Crops in thousands of acres destroyed. Livelihoods lost.

The poorest have been hit the hardest. Now your support will help the people of Bengal recover from this cyclone’s devastation.

Join us to help the poorest who have suffered the most in Bengal. Your donations will help provide food and medication to those who need it the most.

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Money Raised Will Be Used For

The donated money will be used to support the affected families with
  • Shelter Materials

    Shelter Materials

    To establish temporary homes, shelter materials will be provided

  • Food Baskets

    Food Baskets

    Each basket will serve a family of 5 members with nutritious food items for 15 days

  • Hygiene & Sanitation

    Hygiene & Sanitation

    Safe drinking water & hygiene material to prevent COVID-19 infection. Awareness on community water, sanitation and hygiene to prevent water-borne infections

  • Livelihood Restoration

    Livelihood Restoration

    Of marginal farmers and returnee migrant workers. The support includes seeds and fertiliser for the Kharif crop season, restoration of Pan Boroj (betel leaves cultivation), poultry farming support for landless poor and other need-based livelihoods restoration activities

  • For Children

    For Children

    Home-based learning and activity kits for children as part of psychosocial support