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Meet The Jury: Mentor On A Mission, Srikant Sastri

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Srikant Sastri is known as "Mentor on a Mission" because of the passion with which he mentors hundreds of entrepreneurs across India. When he became an entrepreneur in 1995, terms like 'startup', 'venture capital', or 'mentoring' were unheard of in India. Without such support, his business initially went through very difficult times, and at one point he was down to the last ten rupees in his wallet. Eventually, the gods smiled, and he built two large companies with 18,000 employees in six countries. Both businesses got acquired by European companies. He now spends a big portion of his time in mentoring because he doesn't want today's startups to make the same mistakes that he did. During the 2020 pandemic lockdown, Srikant led a task force that built a world-class ICU ventilator in 90 days. This unique experience has now been captured in a bestselling book, 'The Ventilator Project'.