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  • Muhammad Yunus
    We give education loans, 97 per cent of borrowers are illiterate who want to make sure their children get literate.Muhammad YunusFounder, Grameen Bank
  • Kumari Shibulal
    My mother was illiterate, but my parents insisted that I should get a good education and get better life. Kumari ShibulalFounder, Sarojini Damodaran Foundation
  • Vinita Bali
    Education of boys and girls, especially girls is for the future India we want to create. Vinita BaliBritannia Industries Ltd
  • Vishal Talreja
    We work with children and young people from vulnerable background, building life skills - to deal with uncertainties like COVID-19.Vishal TalrejaCo-founder, Dream A Dream
  • Ram NK
    If you even give Rs 1,000, you can pay for a month's fee. If you want to bring a change, you don't need a lot of money. Ram NKCo-Founder & Director, Rang De
  • Smita Ram
    Livelihoods only addresses the situation of families, education is a game-changer and can uplift entire generation out of poverty.Smita RamCo-Founder & CEO, Rang De
  • Urvashi Sahni
    Pandemic showed us the digital divide. People don't have devices, even if they have a device like phone, there is only one and then there is not enough money for internet.Urvashi SahniCEO, Study Hall Educational Foundation
  • Meeta Misra
    During pandemic we saw inequality and poverty being exacerbated. We need to provide them with financial credit to access basic services so that inequality and poverty doesn't spread across generations. Meeta MisraDirector, Impact  Outreach, GreenArc Capital
  • Chetna Gala Sinha
    I strongly believe that when we are delivering loan, create product based on cashflow of the people. When lender has confidence and trust in borrower then accountability will come. Chetna Gala SinhaFounder, Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank
  • Adil Hussain
    I think this is a responsibility of every country or every society that we do not leave behind amazing talents, those who are born in a rural areas, or in the areas where economy hasn't yet gone in and lifted them up.Adil HussainActor
  • Atul Shinghal
    Low income should not mean low ambition and low opportunity. Atul ShinghalFounder & CEO, Scripbox
  • Kushal Chakravorty
    I believe that quality education, healthcare and nutrition is something every child deserves.Kushal ChakravortyFounder, Lotus Petal Foundation

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