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Highlights Of The #RangDe Telethon: An Initiative To Provide Interest Free Loans To Students From Low Income Households

New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) and Rang De India, a peer-to-peer lending platform have come together to initiate a campaign to prevent children from dropping out of school by providing interest-free loans to young students from low-income households across the country and create awareness about the crisis brewing in the education space.

Here are the highlights of the #RangDe Telethon:

Apr 04, 2021
22:24 (IST)
Experts believe that when people contribute in helping children achieve education, it goes a long way in building a better world. Here is why each contribution matters:

Apr 04, 2021
22:22 (IST)
Rang De is doing exceptionally in making a difference: Krishnan Subramanian Iyer, Investor and Board Member For Several Listed and Privately Held Companies In India, And The US

Why am I a social investor? Well, as the old saying goes, it takes a village. How does it take a village? It requires someone to make an effort. I have been investing for over 30 years. With Rang De, I have been investing for more than 18 months. I am exceptionally happy with them. Not just from the return perspective, but also from the fact that they are making a difference and I get informed about everything. I get informed regularly on where my money is going, how it is helping the people and also when there are some delays in the repayments. 
Apr 04, 2021
21:52 (IST)
The after effects of the COVID-19 induced lockdown and the ongoing pandemic continues to impact low-income households even today.

Apr 04, 2021
21:51 (IST)
Ranjitsinh Disale, Teacher, Paritewadi Primary School, Winner, Global Teacher Prize, 2020 on #RangDe telethon

Education has been affected during the ongoing pandemic. Doctors have saved lives and teachers are saving the future. Educating children is a good thing. Teachers play a crucial role in the learning. Teachers were not given enough training to take online classes, how to teach digitally, etc. They faced various difficulties but still they did a great job. Across the world teachers have worked hard to save the future. We can expect better but it was the first time for teachers to take classes online.
Apr 04, 2021
21:48 (IST)
A Little Help Can Go A Long Way: Here is how Dream a Dream making a difference

Apr 04, 2021
21:45 (IST)
There is a need to improve digital access for the low income households: Salman Khan, Founder, Khan Academy on #RangDe telethon

Apr 04, 2021
21:42 (IST)
Quality education, nutrition and healthcare is something that every child deserves: Kushal Chakravorty, Founder, Lotus Petal Foundation

I believe that quality education, healthcare and nutrition is something that every child deserves. I was  fortunate to be born with a family that could afford all this. Millions in our country do not have access to quality education, healthcare and nutrition. I can't change the life of millions of children but could do something for children in my neighbourhood.

We started our foundation with 6 children in 1 room in shopping arcade near my home. Now it has grown to over 1,000 children studying in our school. Some have graduated, some are working in multinational companies. There is no greater joy than helping someone and see them grow. 
Apr 04, 2021
21:38 (IST)
Peer to peer lending initiatives like Rang De can provide safe avenues to those wanting to help but don't know how to go about it: Rajeev Kapoor, Vice President Finance and Bangalore Site Leader, Finastra

Rang De and Finastra have strategic partnership for over 7-8 years. We have joined hands and worked together for different initiatives like financial literacy, supporting women entrepreneur. We are really fortunate to get to work in this area. The satisfaction of serving the community is great. Our association with Rang De is in line with our (Finastra) purpose.
Apr 04, 2021
21:33 (IST)
At the #RangDe telethon, Smita Ram, Co-Founder & CEO, Rang De and Ram NK, Co-Founder & Director, Rang De talked about the reason behind focusing on educating children

The co-founders of Rang De believe that education is a game-changer and can uplift an entire generation out of poverty. By contributing a sum of Rs. 1,000, one can help a student continue education for at least a month, they said.

Apr 04, 2021
21:30 (IST)
Atul Shinghal, Founder & CEO, Scripbox, CEO, Probe Equity Research highlighted the role that corporates can play in creating jobs and helping people come out of the current crisis

Low income should not mean low ambition and low opportunity. There is a huge multiplier effect for entrepreneurship. Because we are able to create jobs, it leads to growth. I have experience in micro lending. The moment you are able to provide loan, it helps people to grow. If you combine that with technology, it will help a lot of people.

What Rang De does is that they are combing the power of peer to peer lending and technology. This multiplier effect works. My father believed that education is important. Since my education was good, I could earn. It is my responsibility to give back to the nation. We believe these 4 things are very important - save, invest, grow and give. 
Apr 04, 2021
21:21 (IST)
Alok Kejriwal, Co-Founder & CEO, Games2Win highlights the role that technology can play in helping those in need.

The foundation of technology has been built on trust. The way we engage with most of our platforms, like google, WhatsApp with complete trust. While it is a phenomenal idea of helping people, sitting from home and helping people, it has to be enabled with technology. If people can trust us in buying small little trinkets in game, then I can help my people. We all love instant gratification. That's what your Instagram and WhatsApp is. If you can be obsessed with like and comment, the least you can do is start helping people on these platforms and the gratification you get is million times.
Apr 04, 2021
21:03 (IST)
It’s a crisis like situation: Sandeep Rai, Chief of City Operations, Teach For India

Sandeep Rai, Chief of City Operations, Teach For India said that the impact of COVID-19 has been devasting which may cause the biggest ever dropout seen among school children. He said the situation in the education sector is like that of a crisis.

Apr 04, 2021
20:58 (IST)
Nimesh Sumati, Co-Founder, Caring Friends announced a generous donation of Rs. 1 crore
To contribute and support the campaign, please click here

Apr 04, 2021
20:54 (IST)
Nimesh Sumati, Co-Founder, Caring Friends says that philanthropy and charity has to evolve to become more meaningful

Apr 04, 2021
20:51 (IST)
Pandemic has highlighted the digital divide: Urvashi Sahni, Founding President and CEO, Study Hall Educational Foundation

Pandemic showed us the digital divide in the society. Everyone promoted going digital but most people do not have a device. Even if they have a device like phone, there is only one in the house. Also, there is not enough money for data (internet) in many households. What we did is, we called parents, spoke to the father and then asked him to give the phone to their daughter. We built a bond with fathers. Some parents took their daughter back to village to marry them off. We wrote them letters. First we tried to build a connect with families and then girl students. We made a smartphone library, where 5-6 girls would come together and connect with teachers. This helped a lot. We urged people to share device. We continued education with the way of group learning.
Apr 04, 2021
20:45 (IST)
On #RangDe telethon, Actor Adil Hussain underlined the role of each person to ensure a better society

Apr 04, 2021
20:42 (IST)
Ashraj Unnisa, a grade 9 student from Bengaluru dreams of becoming a role model for other children

I was in class 8th and it was last month of session. I was preparing for exams and enjoying preparations with friends and teachers when the COVID-19 lockdown happened. Our exams were cancelled. There were some students who were happy but we were sad as we had put in a lot of hardwork. Dream A Dream foundation came to our school when I was in class 7th. These additional class where they helped us see ourselves from a better perspective and helped us recognise our talent. 

My dream is to become a role model for others. I want to show that girls can do anything if the work hard for it. I want everyone to know that girls are capable to and should be given fair opportunities.
Apr 04, 2021
20:31 (IST)
Thank you investors: After over an hour of telethon, contributions cross Rs. 3.5 crore.

To help prevent children from dropping out of school and provide interest free loans to young students from low income households, click here

Apr 04, 2021
20:28 (IST)
Bikram Chaudhury, CEO, GreenArc Capital talks about people's role in helping the education sector on #RangDe telethon

Apr 04, 2021
20:11 (IST)
Loans need to be flexible as per the needs of the borrower: Chetna Gala Sinha, Founder, Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank

Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank is not a bank which depends on the support of others. When women wanted to save money and were not getting any opportunity then I and 15 other women decided to start our own bank without any external support. We gave a proposal, and no one ever thought that women will get a license. People don't believe that women from the village can do something. I am proud to say that in 25 years we have taken a loan of over 400 crores and returned. 
Apr 04, 2021
20:03 (IST)
Parth Shah, General Secretary, National Independent Schools Alliance calls for helping parents educate their children

Millions of parents are facing challenges. Now more children go to low fee schools which are actually community schools appealing to local needs. Gandhiji talked about the metaphor of beautiful tree, the children of our country are the trees we need to nurture. We did a survey. over 70,000 schools that are members of our alliance. We found that school fee they have received last year ranges 6 per cent in Madhya Pradesh to 25 per cent in Delhi. With no fee coming in as parents are unable to earn their own living, at the same time, these school owe crores to government. Delhi government owes 67 crore most people see that parents have to send kids to private schools and it is not our responsibility. This is the only effort I see being made.
Apr 04, 2021
19:59 (IST)
Here's how the money raised through this campaign will be utilised

To contribute and support the campaign click here

Apr 04, 2021
19:57 (IST)
Vishal Talreja, Co-founder, Dream A Dream joins the #RangDe telethon

Dream a Dream has been working with children and young people from vulnerable background building life skills - exactly to deal with this kind of uncertainty, pandemic is a wake up call. We are running life skill programme which has helped these children. We work with millions of children, helping them deal with uncertainty and complexities. One of the key aspects is how we could prioritise education. Some countries have created pay package where schools can apply to government for protecting salaries of teachers. Affordable schools that have struggled to pay salaries can benefit from such programme. 
Apr 04, 2021
19:51 (IST)
Thank you investors: A Delhi based foundation has pledged Rs. 50 lakh towards providing interest free loans to students from poor households.

To contribute and support the campaign, please click here

Apr 04, 2021
19:47 (IST)
Sameer Shisodia, CEO, Rainmatter Foundation sheds light on the challenges faced by people during the pandemic

COVID has created extremely difficult situations and disruptions in the lives of many of our fellow citizens. At Rainmatter, even as we chase the broader agenda of climate change & ecosystem degradation, we do recognise that we do need to help those who are immediately impacted by these changes that are happening to all of us. We are thankful to Rang De to allow us to extend a helping hand, earlier to farmers, and now to students, who need to continue with their lives & with their education through these very, very challenging times. We also encourage you to pitch in & help out these students to the best of your ability. 
Apr 04, 2021
19:44 (IST)
Vinita Bali, Former CEO & Managing Director, Britannia Industries Limited says that education of boys and girls, especially girls is critical for the future of the country.

Apr 04, 2021
19:36 (IST)
My parents insisted that I should get a good education: Kumari Shibulal, Founder, Sarojini Damodaran Foundation

Actually, my mother was illiterate, but she has seen people who come to the village as doctors in that primary health center, or the teachers in the school. She felt that those people had better life. So she thought her children also should get education and she insisted that we go to school. Children wanted to work in the fields and support the family. But my parents insisted that I should get a good education and get their better life. So that is one of the reasons that we choose education as our focus point. It is because of the education that we are here right now.
Apr 04, 2021
19:30 (IST)
Nobel Laureate and Magsaysay Awardee Mohammad Yunus who is the founder of Grameen Bank talks about the how important it is to make credit accessible and affordable to the low income households.
Apr 04, 2021
19:25 (IST)
A major shift is being observed in the trend. More people are sending their children to private schools: Dr. Roy

Apr 04, 2021
19:21 (IST)
Nobel Laureate and Magsaysay Awardee Mohammad Yunus joins the #RangDe telethon

Apr 04, 2021
19:19 (IST)
The future of our country depends on the education of our children: Dr. Prannoy Roy on #RangDe Telethon

If the future of our country depends on one thing, it is the education of our children. Almost 50 per cent of our schools are private and just over 50 per cent are government schools. By private we mean even small schools in villages which are increasingly in demand. Parents all across are focused on sending children to school. Parents are sending children to unaided private schools and that has seen biggest growth. Gone up by 25 per cent and sending to government schools has fallen by 18 per cent. The major shift from government to private is due to the general reputation and people prefer private schools. 

Parents are focused on educating children so they borrow money from moneylenders. Often they have to pay 75 per cent in interest to moneylenders. What Rang De does is, is to give education loan to parents for sending children to school. Rang De loans will be Zero interest. This could have huge impact on children. Rang De is not asking for donation. If you help, that money sent to Rang De and it will be returned to you. You are giving loan and you will get back the principal amount. With interest free loan you will help so many children.
Apr 04, 2021
19:04 (IST)
#RangDe Telethon gets underway with Kavish Seth’s captivating poem about how every child matters and why education is important

Apr 04, 2021
19:00 (IST)
#RangDe India For Education: A drive to provide interest-free loans for young students from low-income households
Apr 02, 2021
18:38 (IST)
To support the campaign, join us for a 2-hour special #RangDe telethon at 7pm (IST)
Apr 02, 2021
18:33 (IST)
#RangDe campaign hopes to provide interest free loans to young students from low income households

The interest free loans can be availed to cover:

1. Admission and Tuition fees
2. Expenses incurred for buying books, instruments and gadgets (laptops, smartphones)

To contribute and support the campaign click here: https://special.ndtv.com/rang-de-india-67/invest-now

Apr 02, 2021
18:29 (IST)
Join NDTV and Rang De's special campaign

To address the brewing crisis in the education space, NDTV and Range De a peer-to-peer lending platform have come together to initiate the campaign #RangDe. The campaign aims to prevent children from dropping out of school and help them continue their education, despite the disruption caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

Apr 02, 2021
18:21 (IST)
 With classes going online, thousands of children have had to scramble for gadgets to get online. The digital divide has never been more obvious, resulting in several kids dropping out of school.

Apr 02, 2021
18:18 (IST)
Covid-19 pandemic has posed many unforeseen challenges for the education sector. Teachers have had to undergo salary cuts, many parents have not been able to pay the school fees due to job losses. For low income households, the crisis is further accentuated. 

Apr 02, 2021
18:17 (IST)
Schools are struggling to resume normal operation as the Covid-19 pandemic is still raging.

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About The Campaign

About The Campaign

Schools are beginning to reopen amidst a lot of chaos. Teachers have had to undergo salary cuts, many parents have not been able to pay the school fees due to job losses. For low income households, the challenge is accentuated further. With classes going online, thousands of children have had to scramble for gadgets to get online. The digital divide has never been more obvious, resulting in several kids dropping out of school.

To address the brewing crisis in the education space, Rang De along with NDTV hopes to intervene by providing interest free loans to low income households. The campaign aims to create awareness about the problem and raise interest free loans for student communities across India.

About The Partner

Rang De is a peer-to-peer lending platform that enables individuals to invest in fellow Indians. Started in 2008 as a non-profit, Rang De is now an RBI regulated peer-to-peer lending platform (NBFC-P2P).

Rang De's mission is to provide access to low cost, collateral-free loans with respect and dignity. Since inception, Rang De has been supporting farmers, artisans and small businesses and individuals who have been denied credit or cannot afford high-interest loans.