Stop The Beauty Test, A Campaign By Dove & NDTV
Stop The Beauty Test, A Campaign By Dove & NDTV

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It's time society takes notice of how ugly the quest for beauty really is.

Dove believes if we look beyond tall, slim and skin colour, we will discover a whole new world of beautiful.

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    हम लोग : #StopTheBeautyTest, हर रूप-रंग और आकार में सौंदर्य का सम्मान

    सुंदरता हम सबको आकर्षित करती है. लेकिन सुंदरता होती क्या है? क्या वह रंग के, रूप के, आकार के किन्हीं जड़ पैमानों में होती है? दुर्भाग्य से ऐसी जड़ता हमारे समाज में बहुत ज्यादा जड़ जमाए बैठी है. ध्यान से देखिए तो सुंदरता की तलाश का रास्ता बहुत बदसूरत हो जाता है.

    About The Campaign

    Dove, last year, began a movement provoking the nation to confront how beauty biases are amplified during the process of finding a life partner. The campaign showcased how the remarks deeply impacted the self-esteem of prospective brides. ​While addressing these angsts and discouraging societal stereotypes within the construct of marriage, the brand uncovered a key moment of truth wherein the first tryst with appearance-led anxiety amongst women started much younger - as early as adolescence. At a time when these girls should be concentrating on education, they are being unknowingly subjected to beauty biases by society. This early conditioning and grooming leads to them being graded as per a societal prescription of beauty - significantly affecting their overall confidence. ​


    Dove’s #StopTheBeautyTest 2.0, the second leg of the initial campaign, has shifted its focus on the root of the problem - from prospective brides to teenage girls. The film features real girls who narrate real stories of how they have been subjected to varied beauty tests based on their appearances and thereby rated by society on their looks instead of their intellect / aptitude. 80% of Indian school girls have faced this test. ​


    *Based on the research conducted by Hansa Research during Dec'20. N=1057 females across 17 urban cities in India.

    Dove Self-Esteem Project

    Dove Self-Esteem Project

    To break free from beauty biases, the Dove Self-Esteem Project is committed to empowering 8 million young people by 2025. Help a young person boost their self-confidence by downloading Dove's evidence-based resources on self esteem.