Stop The Beauty Test, A Campaign By Dove & NDTV
Stop The Beauty Test, A Campaign By Dove & NDTV
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Highlights From #StopTheBeautyTest Telethon 2.0: It's Time Society Takes Notice Of How Ugly The Quest For Beauty Really Is

The beauty biases are harsh realities that play havoc with the self-esteem of women. It is time to break free from the stereotypes of society. It's time society takes notice of how ugly the quest for beauty really is. If we look beyond tall, slim and skin colour, we will discover a whole new world of beautiful. Dove India and New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) present Stop The Beauty Test 2.0, a campaign that celebrates beauty in all shapes, colours, and sizes and pledge to create a more accepting society where there is no one particular definition of beauty.

Here are the highlights from the Dove #StopTheBeautyTest Telethon 2.0:

Nov 13, 2022
21:09 (IST)
And that's a wrap for NDTV-Dove #StopTheBeautyTest 2.0 Telethon
Nov 13, 2022
20:55 (IST)
"I think we must focus on unlearning rather than learning. As society, we need to change our lense of an ideal type of colour, body type and shape," Priya malik, Writer, Poet & Performer said. 

She recited a poem she wrote for NDTV-Dove #StopTheBeautyTest Telethon.
Nov 13, 2022
20:53 (IST)
"The change needs to start internally": Priya malik, Writer, Poet & Performer
On the NDTV-Dove #StopTheBeautyTest Telethon, Ms. Malik shares her experience of dealing with beauty and ideal height standards during her childhood.
Nov 13, 2022
20:50 (IST)
· "It takes a conscious effort to not put that subconscious complex feelings in a child": Sania Mirza, Former Doubles World No. 1 In Tennis
"As a child from a regular Muslim family, I have also seen a different view. I could be straight away related to the campaign. Luckily my parents were completely supportive of whatever field I and my sister chose, irrespective of what society thought about it," Ms. Mirza said. 

She said that it was important to understand that the girl is so much more than her looks. Being a mother myself, I have realised that having a child is not enough, putting confidence in them is essential. It takes a conscious effort to not put that subconscious complex feelings in a child"
Nov 13, 2022
20:48 (IST)
Sania Mirza, Former Doubles World No. 1 In Tennis, joins NDTV - DOVE #StopTheBeautyTest Telethon
Nov 13, 2022
20:33 (IST)
"We need to know that certain standards of beauty have a tangible impact on people": Swarnima Bhattacharya, Member Of The Advisory Council 2020, Dove Self-Esteem Project and Chief Product Officer
"I have seen patients who come with hormonal health issues, PCOS, but their first concern is to reduce the weight and not address the root cause of it. The definition of fitness has been categorised as looking slim and it happens especially among teenage girls," Ms Bhattacharya said.
Nov 13, 2022
20:32 (IST)
A Letter To My Younger Self: Priya Malik, Writer, Poet & Performer performs at the NDTV-Dove #StopTheBeautyTest Telethon

Priya Malik, Writer, Poet & Performer lends her support to NDTV - Dove #StopTheBeautyTest Telethon by narrating a letter she wrote to her younger self about striving through different forms of beauty tests while growing up
Nov 13, 2022
20:29 (IST)
"Several state governments of India have agreed to implement the DOVE self-esteem project": Terry Durnnian, Chief of Education, UNICEF India

Mr. Durnnian said the state governments have agreed to implement the DOVE self-esteem project, a program in select schools, covering students and teachers from grade six to eight, 980 master trainers, 125,000 teachers and 6.25 million students have been reached across this project period.

"This program can be scaled up across states with digital content uploaded on the state management portal, Diksha, to ensure all students and teachers have access to the content and the relevant training," he added.
Nov 13, 2022
20:27 (IST)
"Dove Self-Esteem Program is a longstanding partnership that we have with UNICEF across the world. We have a commitment to reach 80 lakh young adults in this country by 2025 with a body positivity curriculum," said Harman Dhillon.

She said that DOVE has reached 10 lakh young lives and imparted this training in classrooms with trained personnel.
Nov 13, 2022
20:25 (IST)
"A lot of information on social media is de-conceptualised. The social media trends on health, beauty, body types should not be adhered to," Ms. Harnidh Kaur,Poetess & body neutrality endorser during the NDTV-DOVE #Stopthebeautytest telethon. 
Nov 13, 2022
20:18 (IST)
 "I believe and have observed that what mothers tell their daughters plays a huge role in their lives. What mothers can do is to have conversations about beauty types, body shapes, etc. They must assure their daughters that these things cannot be their criteria for leading a life," Dr Megha Dhillon, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Lady Shri Ram College, said.

Dr. Dhillon said that mothers can be positive role models by showing it to them.
Nov 13, 2022
20:15 (IST)
"We have to be midful and careful while dealing with teenages and young adults": Panelists on the NDTV-Dove #StopTheBeautyTest Telethon
Nov 13, 2022
20:13 (IST)
“Watch art, movies, and read books that give you comfort. It helps you having a real-time idea of the world and connects you more to yourself,"Harnidh Kaur, Poetess & body neutrality endorser
Nov 13, 2022
20:11 (IST)
"Self validation is more important than validation received by others": Dr Megha Dhillon, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Lady Shri Ram College

"We must stay with people who bring positive changes in our life. One must realise that self validation is more important than validation received by others. One should focus on the functionality of the body and not the appearance of it," Dr. Dhillon said. 
Nov 13, 2022
20:10 (IST)
"All adolescents struggle with body images, especially at this time of life": Sandhya Awasthi, Principal, Delhi Public School, Greater Noida

Ms. Awasthi said it is common to have such type of complexities at this age. 

"I have felt that more consumption of digital media has had a huge impact. Besides, children have also become aware of how the types of people, doctors they can approach. So, there is some hope that children will chose a right path," she said.
Nov 13, 2022
20:08 (IST)
"Women now want to see real body types, and not the ideal types": Harnidh Kaur, Poetess & body neutrality endorser
"Initially, a lot of people reacted negatively to my opinion being yourself. But I have seen a significant change from time to time. Now women want to see real body types and represent themselves the same."
Nov 13, 2022
20:00 (IST)
The mothers of the young girls who participated in this year's campaign of #StopTheBeautyTest, share the body issues that mattered to them (pimple, dark complexion) and whether their attitudes have changed during the making of this film. Actor Avika Gor also shared her experiences about how she was offered much bigger projects after she completed her initial fitness journey.
Nov 13, 2022
19:55 (IST)
"We need to build a healthy relationship with social media": Neelakshi Singh, Plump to Pretty, Body positive content creator & model

"Even I struggle with social media. It is definitely becoming a race but it is important to keep yourself sane, knowing that we are living in a world where everything is online. It is important to regulate, who are we following, whom are we reaching out to, and much more" 

Ms. Singh said that it was appalling to see young people having different personalities in person and on social media platforms.
Nov 13, 2022
19:50 (IST)

Dr. Chand said that she has spoken to many girls with their struggles and the impact of social media on their lives.

"I've had young girls share with me as to how they question their genetics. Why is my hair curly and not straight, like a certain person that they follow or they admire on social media. How can I get my hair straighter? If my hair was straighter, I think I would feel better about myself or I would be happier," she said. 
Nov 13, 2022
19:48 (IST)
"Social media likes and dislikes have made our self-esteem fragile": Maitri Chand, Psychologist, Marriage & Family Therapist
On NDTV-Dove #StopTheBeautyTest Telethon, Dr Maitri Chand, Psychologist, Marriage & Family Therapist, talked about self image and how it is being equated to the number of likes and views on social media in this day and age. She said that this is what starts reflecting in who and how we think of ourselves and sets up for a competition where we want to outdo ourselves.
Nov 13, 2022
19:44 (IST)
“At a very young age, we start believing that the people we see on films and ads are perfect": Actor Avika Gor
Nov 13, 2022
19:41 (IST)
"Teenagers are victims of Imaginery Audience: Aarti C. Rajaratnam, Director, Child Guidance Centre and Counselling Clinic, Salem/Chennai

Ms. Rajaratnama said that teens have become more anxious and have lower self-esteem because of social media.
Nov 13, 2022
19:37 (IST)
“Perfect Body Comes In Different Forms”: Naman Ahuja, Art Historian And Professor
Naman Ahuja, Art historian and Professor at the School of Arts & Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) joined the NDTV-Dove #StopTheBeautyTest Telethon, and focused on the historical significance of what is considered as a perfect body type. 

He refers to visual evidence throughout the history of Indian art where each age has created its own ideal body type, which was quite unattainable, which was beyond the mundane and every day.
Nov 13, 2022
19:36 (IST)

"Many people go with the beauty and colour, but I guess look beyond that, the woman's overall personality, talents and intelligence. Many clients come with a request of a 'fair complexion' girl, but I suggest that her nature and personality will beautify the house and not her colour.
Nov 13, 2022
19:17 (IST)
I'm Not Skinny Right Now, But Fit: Actor, Avika Gor
Actor Avika Gor, talks about the importance of maintaining one's health and not being influenced by certain "beauty standards". Famously known for her role in an Indian television show 'Balika Vadhu', Ms Gor said that she continued to receive roles in the television shows, but she was offered much bigger projects after she completed her initial fitness journey.
Nov 13, 2022
19:15 (IST)
“Beauty Should Be A Source Of Confidence: Harman Dhillon, Vice President, Skin care, Color Cosmetics and Dove Masterbrand
At the NDTV-Dove #StopTheBeautyTest Telethon, Harman Dhillon, Vice president, Skin care, Color, Cosmetics and Dove Masterbrand said that the statistics and results in India shows that the confidence gap in girls starts happening during teenage years. 

"The response to the campaign has been humbling. I think this year's campaign, because it brings to light the prejudices and biases which young girls face, has really touched a chord with women far and wide," Ms. Dillon said. 
Nov 13, 2022
19:14 (IST)

On NDTV-Dove #StopTheBeautyTest Telethon, Pratibha Pandey, discusses the reason she chose to share her daughter, Akshadha Pandey's story for Dove film. Ms. Pandey said her daughter's story could be of help for girls who wear glasses in schools and are targeted for it.
Nov 13, 2022
19:10 (IST)

Sheetal Yogesh Dhamele, Aditi Dhamele's mother, a young girl who agreed to be a part of the Dove #StopTheBeautyTest film shares a few incidents where her daughter was teased in her school bus by different children for her complexion.
Nov 13, 2022
19:05 (IST)
Dove India-NDTV Present #StopTheBeautyTest 2.0 Campaign gets underway

Dove India-NDTV Self-Esteem Project is educating Indian girls on body-confidence through a life skills programme that addresses their feelings of disempowerment, low self-esteem & lack of confidence.
Nov 13, 2022
18:41 (IST)
Less than an hour to go for the Dove India-NDTV #StopTheBeautyTest 2.0 Campaign
The season 2 of DOVE India-NDTV #StopTheBeautyTest will feature some of the best names in India and worldwide to discuss how women can look beyond physical appearance and empower themselves. Join the 2-hour telethon on November 13, on NDTV Network and and take a pledge to put an end to the societal beauty standards.
Nov 13, 2022
17:55 (IST)
Join matchmaker #SimaTaparia along with other celebrities to celebrate beauty in all shapes, colours and sizes on November 13, on NDTV Network and
Nov 13, 2022
17:51 (IST)
The season 2 of DOVE India-NDTV #StopTheBeautyTest, aims to get together young and brave women to share their stories of struggles with societal standards of beauty and empower other women of breaking the shackles of body image, colour and size issues.
Nov 11, 2022
12:12 (IST)
DOVE thanks Vedika, Aditi, Aashna, Garvita and Akshadha, the young girls who agreed to be a part of the film showcasing societal mindsets of what is considered as beautiful. 
Nov 11, 2022
12:11 (IST)
#StopTheBeautyTest 2.0: A Campaign By DOVE-NDTV To Celebrate All Shades Of Beauty

Nearly three out of four Indian women are rejected for their looks during the arranged marriage process. This speaks volumes about the matrimonial statistics in India. Dove India with New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) present Stop The Beauty Test 2.0, to put an end to the society's standards for beauty. Watch a special 2-Hour Telethon On November 13, on NDTV Network and to celebrate beauty in all shapes, colours and sizes.
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It's time society takes notice of how ugly the quest for beauty really is.

Dove believes if we look beyond tall, slim and skin colour, we will discover a whole new world of beautiful.

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    About The Campaign

    Dove, last year, began a movement provoking the nation to confront how beauty biases are amplified during the process of finding a life partner. The campaign showcased how the remarks deeply impacted the self-esteem of prospective brides. ​While addressing these angsts and discouraging societal stereotypes within the construct of marriage, the brand uncovered a key moment of truth wherein the first tryst with appearance-led anxiety amongst women started much younger - as early as adolescence. At a time when these girls should be concentrating on education, they are being unknowingly subjected to beauty biases by society. This early conditioning and grooming leads to them being graded as per a societal prescription of beauty - significantly affecting their overall confidence. ​


    Dove’s #StopTheBeautyTest 2.0, the second leg of the initial campaign, has shifted its focus on the root of the problem - from prospective brides to teenage girls. The film features real girls who narrate real stories of how they have been subjected to varied beauty tests based on their appearances and thereby rated by society on their looks instead of their intellect / aptitude. 80% of Indian school girls have faced this test. ​


    *Based on the research conducted by Hansa Research during Dec'20. N=1057 females across 17 urban cities in India.