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How Police Officers Are Battling The Crisis Of Coronavirus And Going Beyond The Call Of Duty

India is in the middle of an extended lockdown over the coronavirus and in a massive, thickly populated state like Uttar Pradesh - the job of the local police force in enforcing the lockdown is tough and is of 24x7. Many policemen and women across the state have gone beyond the call of duty in the last month and made personal sacrifices by putting duty first despite pressing concerns back home 

In Mainpuri, 220 kms from Lucknow, UP police constable Chitra Lekha uses a protective cloth on duty but ensures a proper mask is available at all times, for her 1-year-old who also accompanies his mother each day on lockdown duty.  It's already very hot across UP and duty hours are long. But there is no option -, says the constable. Her husband is also with the police and there is no one else at home 

At the intersection where Chitra Lekha is posted, the baby has company from other cops, who keep offering him biscuits, and water and ensure he is in the shade at all times. 

This is about the security of the country and I am doing my duty.  I am managing both my home and duty well. Along with the child I also have to look at my duty. I get stuff to feed him from home, says Chitra Lekha. 

60 kilometres away, in 34 degrees heat on a road in Uttar Pradesh's Etawah, a young constable pauses for a minute to check his phone. Around him, the precarious quiet of the lockdown fills the air. 23-year-old Ramakant Nagar appraises the photos sent to him on WhatsApp with careful concentration. This is the closest he has come to his brand-new daughter, born 16 days ago.

Ramakant Nagar has chosen not to go home to his village to visit his first child . Mr Nagar is one of millions of Corona Warriors, who, at considerable risk and with meticulous dedication, are helping India flatten the curve of the coronavirus. 

I thought about going home, but then I also thought about how so many of my colleagues are doing continuous duty at this time. And so I decided not to ask for leave and to stay and do my duty. I speak to my wife and family every day. But I have also made up my mind that I will not go home till the time this lockdown is in place and my duty is required, says Mr Nagar

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