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Coronavirus: Will A Mask Help Me? 5 Points To Note

Coronavirus: Will A Mask Help Me? 5 Points To Note

Hopefully, you are following social distancing and not mingling, especially with large groups or in crowded places. Can wearing a mask help? Here's what doctors say:

  1. No masks required unless you have a cough, sore throat or cold.

  2. Masks should be worn by people who cannot keep at least a metre's or 3 feet distance from others. The ideal distance between you and somebody else is six feet.

  3. If you're following this, you don't need a mask. Masks are not for you to protect yourself from others, but to protect others from you. A mask must be used when an individual is likely to be in close contact with someone infected as it reduces the chance of the disease being passed on.

  4. If the individual has symptoms suggestive of coronavirus, or has been diagnosed, wearing a mask protects others. In other contexts, there is no scientific evidence to support the belief that face masks are effective at preventing infection. In fact, taking off and putting on a mask can result in a person touching their face several times a day, which can potentially result in getting infected.

  5. Masks are crucial for health and social care workers looking after patients and are also recommended for family members who need to care for someone who is ill with corona virus - both the patient and carer should have a mask. People are stocking up face masks due to inaccurate information about the transmission of the coronavirus. It is important to remember that masks are not effective in preventing the general public from catching coronavirus. As a result of panic buying, if healthcare providers cannot get access to masks, the sick cannot be cared for and indirectly puts our community at risk.

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