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Money Raised Will Be Used For

  • Emergency Relief

    COVID Centres

    • Setting up child-friendly COVID centres & COVID-specific paediatric units in preparation for the third wave


  • Emergency Relief

    Vaccine Drives

    • Starting vaccination drives in several districts of rural India, creating awareness and dispelling misinformation & rumours


  • Public Health


    • In the long term, providing livelihood support for those who have lost their jobs


Highlights Of The #HelpingHands Telethon: An Initiative To Set-Up COVID Centres For Children And Vaccinate People In Rural India

NDTV and ChildFund present India's Helping Hands, supported by WhatsApp, a campaign to set-up child-friendly COVID centres and run vaccination drives in vulnerable districts of rural India
Jun 13, 2021
19:36 (IST)
While the first wave was about supporting people, during the second wave, the focus was on saving lives: Neelam Makhijani, CEO & Country Director, ChildFund India

When the first wave hit there was a lot of uncertainty. ChildFund quickly responded to hunger and poverty. We did food basket, nutrition packages, community kitchen. We did a lot of work around nutrition and hygiene. At that time, the focus was on promoting hand hygiene. We had great donors like RB and UNICEF. After the first couple of months, we went into providing livelihood support.  People lost job which pushed them into hunger. The first wave was about food, nutrition, hygiene and livelihood. It was about supporting people. But the second wave was very different. The focus during the second was about saving lives. 

What we have done with Project HOPE is help 100 primary healthcare centres with medical equipment. In rural India, primary healthcare centres (PHCs) are the first support system. It all depends on PHCs but there is a big gap of medical supplies. Project HOPE supported us and in less than two months we have put healthcare infrastructure in 100 PHCs and saved lives of almost one crore people.

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  • Richa Chadha
    The Healthcare system in rural areas is exposed and it shows that we haven't paid any attention to it.Richa ChadhaActor
  • Neelam Makhijani
    First COVID-19 wave in India was about supporting people. The second wave was about saving lives.Neelam MakhijaniCEO & Country Director, ChildFund India
  • Tom Cotter
    When you work for children, you not only invest in the present but future as well. That's a lesson from COVID-19 in India, that will be shared around the world.Tom CotterDirector of Emergency Response & Preparedness, Project HOPE
  • Sonali Fabiani
    The need of the hour is to focus on rural areas and fight the misinformation around vaccines.Sonali FabianiFounder, @Altry_GiftsThatMatter 
  • Dr Srinath Reddy
    Lack of knowledge about vaccines and lack of trust in vaccines is resulting in vaccine hesitancy. But, we have to try to build the confidence of people on vaccines, increase their knowledge and help them in registration.Dr Srinath ReddyPresident, Public Health Foundation of India


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About The Campaign

A catastrophic second wave of COVID -19 infections has brought India together, united in grief and pain, but with an overwhelming desire to help each other through the toughest of times.


As India braces for a possible third wave, the time for us to stand together once again, is now.


With compassion and empathy for one another, we can all play a role in strengthening India & protecting each other from another onslaught of the infection.


India’s Helping Hands is raising funds for resources that will be critically required should a third wave hit. The funds will also be used to protect the people of rural India from the severity of the third wave. In the long term, the funds will help skill people and make them self-sufficient once more.


Your support will help set-up child-friendly COVID centres and run vaccination drives in vulnerable districts of rural India.

Helpline Numbers

  • img

    My Gov Vaccine Locator


    MyGov is a citizen engagement platform founded by the Government of India

  • img

    NCW Expectant Mothers’ Helpline


    National Commission for Women's 24×7 helpline number provides medical assistance to expectant mothers

  • img

    Odisha Chatbot


    WhatsApp chatbot helps citizens search for a vaccine slot, get updated information on beds and oxygen availability

  • img

    KMC Chatbot


    WhatsApp chatbot helps book vaccination appointments

  • img

    DC Gurugram Helpline


    Dedicated WhatsApp COVID-19 helpline to provide citizens access to a central repository of all COVID-19 resources

  • img

    Greater Chennai Municipal Corporation

    +91-94999 33644

    The helpline number helps people with COVID related FAQs, availability of beds, oxygen, tests, doctor consultation

  • img

    Robinhood Army


    Helpline for Senior citizens to easily get connected to a volunteer who can help them with the COVID-19 vaccination process

  • img

    COVID Meals For India


    A chatbot that helps COVID patients and healthcare workers connect and order meals from volunteers

  • img

    COVID Asha Bot


    COVID Asha chatbot provides real-time verified information on oxygen procurement, refilling, and ambulance services

  • img

    X-Ray Setu


    A free-to-use AI-driven platform to aid doctors for early COVID interventions over WhatsApp

  • img

    India Shield


    India Shield's helpline aims to support COVID-19 patients in need and provide authoritative information

Disclaimer: NDTV is the broadcast partner for a 2-hour telethon with ChildFund India as the implementation partner to raise donations toset-up child-friendly COVID centres and run vaccination drives in vulnerable districts of rural India. The donations are received by ChildFund India and shall be utilized according to a plan prepared and monitored by them.


NDTV has no role to play in the use of donations and will not be liable for any claim(s) made by any person or entity, including any statutory or governmental authority, arising out of the collection or utilization of these donations.