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Bikers For Good, A Community Of Biker Is On A Mission To Help In The Fight Against COVID 19


  1. Bikers for Good have been raising awareness on social issues since 2011
  2. They distributed 10,000 soap to the poor in Delhi
  3. They have partnered with NGOs of raise awareness on handwashing
New Delhi: 

From working for disability awareness and women empowerment to educating the lesser privileged to now spreading awareness about handwashing and distributing soaps, ‘Bikers for Good' has been on the frontline for supporting various causes and extending solidarity since 2011. A community of motivated bikers, ‘Bikers for Good' conducted awareness-raising initiatives focusing on the importance of handwashing before the lockdown to fight COVID-19. While talking about their efforts towards fighting coronavirus pandemic with NDTV, founder of the community, Mohit Ahuja said,

When the corona pandemic hit India, we realised that as bikers it is our duty to do something for the country, for our fellow citizens.

While food and masks are very important, the group knew many others would be addressing them so they decided to focus on handwashing. Mr. Ahuja shared,

We knew food was something that was being addressed by a lot of NGOs and people, sanitation we realised was something that a lot of people were not talking about while it is something very important. So we thought of getting together putting in our resources buying a few soaps about 700 to 800 soaps and going out and distributing them in places that were ignored at the same time we sensitized people on how to wash hands properly.

Ravi Bhatnagar, Director, External Affairs & Partnerships, RB told NDTV that when this group ‘Bikers For Good' reached out to him, he thought this is a very interesting thing to do, to reach out to the last mile population in the villages as bikes provides the convenience to take essentials and products like soaps to the last mile and give it to those who actually need it. He further said,

The group has been very supportive, it's a mixed group of boys and girls who actively participated in making hygiene kits available to the villages, slums and to the security guards.

Pallavi, another member of the group shared her experience of the ride to spread awareness on handwashing.  She said,

18 of us distributed around 10,000 soaps across Delhi in outside government hospitals, gave it to the beggars on the roads, rikshaw pullers, we went to old age homes and orphanages as well.

The Bikers distributed 10,000 soaps in the capital a day before the lockdown. Since the lockdown has been enforced, they have still remained active and have been spreading the message of handwashing by collaborating with organisations working on the ground. With every packet of food that is being given out by their partner NGOs, they are adding a soap bar so that people can cultivate the habit of washing hands.

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