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  • With $10 million Relief Programme, Starbucks Helps Employees Face The COVID-19 Pandemic

With $10 million Relief Programme, Starbucks Helps Employees Face The COVID-19 Pandemic

With $10 million Relief Programme, Starbucks Helps Employees Face The COVID-19 Pandemic


  1. Starbucks launched Emergency Relief Programme worth 10 Million Dollars
  2. Employees of Starbucks India are assured of their incomes and benefits
  3. We are not planning any lay-offs at this time: CEO, Tata Starbucks
New Delhi: 

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive health crisis around the globe, but the economic crisis caused by the virus is a close second in the list. In the already suffering Indian economy, business are now facing a downfall due to the lockdown imposed to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. NDTV spoke with Navin Gurnaney, CEO of Tata Starbucks, one of the leading Food and Beverages brand in the sector, on how his company has adapted during the pandemic.

Asserting that taking care of people in these difficult times is extremely crucial, Mr Gurnaney explained said, 

Starbucks has launched The Emergency Relief Programme for our employees and partners, which is worth 10 Million Dollars. If anyone is having trouble with rent, utilities, or even taking care of their family's health, can apply for this grant that can help them tide over with their temporary difficulties. This is not a loan but a grant, so they don't need to worry about paying us back.

Adding that the firm wants to ensure their partners and business are well taken care of, he said,   

Our partners should never have to choose between their well-being and their ability to take care of their needs. So as we go through with this crisis, we want them to know we are there for them.

He further highlighted that the corporate sector is going through an immensely difficult time, when it comes to the wage and job security of the Starbucks employees he said,

All the employees of Starbucks India are assured of their incomes, in addition to their salaries, they will be receiving medical assistance and other health facilities. We are not planning any lay-offs at this time. Of course this pandemic is a massive and extraordinary event in all our lives across the globe, but I do believe that this is temporary. I hope and strongly believe that we'll be able to control it, maybe in 6-10 weeks if not, then 6-10 months, but it definitely won't be 6-10 years. This is a short-term crisis and this too shall pass.

Amid the lockdown, all Starbucks cafes are shut except three outlets in Mumbai, TALKING about the same Mr. Gurnaney said, 

We have seen a tremendous response with our three open cafes in Mumbai. Therefore this Friday, we will resume delivery for four more stores - in Delhi, Gurugram, Bangaluru and Pune. However, no one will be allowed inside the store, not even the delivery partners.

The question that arises after the lockdown for the Food and Beverage industry is whether people will come back to these places. Talking about the scenario when “this has passed”, Mr. Gurnaney said that it is of course a point of worry. He said,

This is obviously a cause of concern. I won't diminish the worry here, but I'm being positive and I do believe that people will come back to our stores. I do believe our business like other business will suffer but eventually we'll be able to get over it as the time passes. Time will tell.

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