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With The COVID-19 Lockdown In Force, Parents Get To Spend Quality Time With Their Children

New Delhi: 

With Coronavirus cases increasing rapidly across the world, India has imposed a strict lockdown to control the spread. School going kids, who typically spend between three to seven hours in a structured learning environment away from home, are now stuck indoors for weeks, with no outdoor activities and social interactions. In such a time, parents have adopted unique ways to keep their kids busy and productive, helping them spend quality time together as families. 

Since the lockdown has everyone confined inside the house, this has given them the time to perhaps learn some new skills. So Mihir and Zohar help their mother with basic household chores. Their mother Pratima Gokula Chandra tells NDTV,

Since we had part-timer house-helpers, I have to take care of all the household chores, which is very challenging but both the boys have been very helpful. They pitch in cleaning, folding clothes and even fill the drinking water bottles.

And the boys didn't have to give up their regular lessons just because they can't step out. Today, almost everything can be done virtually, like Mihir is enjoying his piano class while Zohar is learning some new yoga aasanas. 

Its also a time to do all that you love to do. 10-year-old Aishani is not happy staying at home, she misses her friends but is keeping herself busy. Aishani Rao told us, 

I am sad that I can't go out and play with my friends but am doing some painting, sketching and baking cakes and cookies besides studying through online classes daily.

Parents have found novel ways of keeping children busy in productive ways. Balancing work, homeschooling, kid activities and household chores can be challenging. But looking at the brighter side of things, one is getting time to pursue their hobbies and families too are spending quality time with one another.

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