India Coming Together Against COVID-19

#IndiaAgainstCOVID19 Telethon Highlights: India Comes Together To Fight Against Coronavirus Outbreak

India Coming Together Against COVID-19 campaign, an RB and NDTV initiative, aims to provide a platform to highlight the works of the unsung heroes, NGOs and community leaders at the frontline of the hygiene battle against COVID-19.
Apr 12, 2020
21:29 (IST)
Mohit Ahuja of Bikers For Good on #IndiaAgainstCOVID19 telethon:

We are a community in India and we ride for social causes. We want to change the stereotypes about the biker groups. When COVID outbreak began, not a lot of people were discussing handwashing, we took support from Dettol. Just a day before the lockdown, 15 of us from Bikers For Good went across Delhi and created awareness about proper handwash practices.

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